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Sell your Work

Join our rapidly growing community of thousands of digital creators, who are using Nina Torres Crypto-Art Gallery to protect and sell their unique digital creations to a global audience.

Nina Torres Crypto-Art Gallery is a platform that empowers creators to better protect and sell their digital work to a global audience. Artists, photographers, sculptors, videographers, animators, and more use Nina Torres Crypto-Art Gallery to promote and sell their work online through the use of blockchain technology.

How does this work?

You're selling a signed and limited edition copy of your digital creation to be owned.
Upon purchase, the buyer will be given the right to use, distribute and display the creation for non-commercial purposes only.
Since the buyer owns this unique copy, they can also re-sell the creation on a secondary market or even directly on Crypto-art by Nina Torres.
Similar to a physical creation, the buyer will be able to do what they'd normally be able to do once they purchase a physical piece. This capability is what makes your digital creations more valuable.

Who will own my creations?

Nina Torres Crypto-Art Gallery is an online gallery for creators and has no rights over your creations.
We are committed to ensuring that any digital creation published through Crypto-art by Nina Torres is owned by you (the creator).

If I sell using
Nina Torres Crypto-Art Gallery, can I sell the same creations elsewhere?
You own the rights to your work, so you can sell your creations elsewhere. However, once you've tokenized your creation as a limited edition, it's important that you do not issue more tokens of the same creations which may negatively affect the value of your creation.

How do I receive payment?

Depending on what form of payment was used to purchase your digital creation, you'll get paid accordingly.

A. Credit Card Purchases.

We support PayPal (a popular global payment solution) to issue payments for creations purchased using a credit card.
PayPal. With PayPal, payments will be deposited to your PayPal account within two weeks of sale.
Once the payment has cleared through PayPal, the funds will be immediately available to you.

B. Open Sea Purchases.

For purchases made through Open Sea, we will issue payments to you either directly to your digital wallet (e.g MetaMask) or to your Coinbase wallet.

You can view all purchases and payments issued to you by going to your Sale History in the Open Sea store manager.

You have to let us know your preferred payment options before starting your promotion and sale through Open Sea.

How can I start?

Nina Torres Crypto-Art Gallery is currently invitation-only, however, we'd love for you to join us.

Please reach out to us in our Discord community or send us an email through this website for an invitation code.