How to active your Crypto Wallet & Buy your NFT

To be able to buy your NFT in OpenSea you need:
1.- Have a digital wallet either Metamask, Trust Wallet, or Coinbase. (We recommend Metamask, which you can download for free here

2.- You need to have Ethereum in your wallet, which is the cryptocurrency with which you are going to pay the NFT and the transaction costs or Gas fees. If you don't have Ethereum, you can buy it through an exchange such as coinbase, binance, or directly from your wallet with a credit, debit, or bank transfer card. If you already have Ethereum, all you have to do is transfer it to your digital wallet

3.- Now you have to go to the OpenSea page, in here you have to connect your digital wallet following the steps indicated. Once your portfolio is connected, you can go to browse the gallery and buy the work that you like the most.

It's that easy, congratulations, you already have your first NFT.

If you are not very sure of how to buy in OpenSea, and you do not understand this process, on YouTube there are many videos that tell you and explain step by step how to do it.


here is a link to one of them: