Roni Lynn Doppelt

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Commanding the visual experience of her viewers with rich hues and subtle motion, Roni Lynn Doppelt’s paintings show an explosion of happiness, color, and passion. Juxtaposing vibrant splashes of pigment with crisp white backgrounds, Roni Lynn's series communicates undeniable beauty replete with the intangible energies and sensations felt throughout humanity.

“My artwork is all about what I value most,” Roni Lynn Doppelt says of her work. “Love of family and friends, love of life itself, appreciation of beauty, and love are all very important to me. That is the reason they are always prevalent in my work.” With a diverse color palette lending to her work a magnificent range of emotion and depth of sensitivity, Roni Lynn showcases a dynamic visual symphony established by a seamless cohesion of grand design. Thick layers of paint swirl and circumnavigate to create undulating cyclonic forms that whirl about her canvases, alluding to the raw power of both natural and galactic events. Her palette investigates primary hues ranging from sapphire blues, fiery reds, sun-kissed pinks, and lemony yellows, all juxtaposing and intermixing to create expressive, abstracted masses. A marriage of organic linework and opulent saturation reflects brilliant energies of unknown frontiers. Exceeding human limitations by expressing the mysteries and the cyclical nature of the universe, Roni Lynn's series elicits the awe-inspiring powers and beauty of our expansive universe.

Using a distinct, sweeping, painterly technique, Roni Lynn Doppelt taps into emotion through her complex and beautiful brushwork. Capturing movements that are proficient and graceful, yet possessing an intuitive, spontaneous quality, Roni Lynn invigorates each composition with a delightfully kinetic aura. Precision and detail contribute to creating grandiose pieces that underscore the universality of her work. Masterful in each execution and vivid in quality, every canvas takes on an identity of its own which weaves itself into the greater narrative of her oeuvre while simultaneously standing strongly on its own. There is an incandescent quality to the body of Roni Lynn Doppelt's work, an almost ethereal glow that resonates from the center outward. Her indomitable talent translates into something truly unique and wonderful, a cosmic lattice-work of color and vibrant emotion that captures the imagination.

Globally showcased, Florida resident Roni Lynn Doppelt has been internationally exhibited in the United Arab Emirates as well as in Italy, Greece, France, and Monaco. Also a skilled sculptor, Roni Lynn has showcased her artwork in New York and Florida, including Miami as well as the Ocean Reef Beach Club Gift Shop in Key Largo, and the Gift Shop of the Boca Raton Museum of Art. Roni Lynn Doppelt has also contributed her artwork to various charities and significant fundraising events to foundations such as Morse Life and the Albert Einstein College.



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