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Our fascination for galactic worlds is embedded in everything we do. When building a new collection/series of work we choose raw gemstone material before anything. The Touch/feel/shape/quality of the stone will determine what the design will be. Watching space documentaries helps us imagine what objects from a cosmic world would look like. After cutting and polishing a stone to its final shape I then photograph them. Examining the final gem we zone in and start to draw out galactic characters and scenery of unknown planets where rare rocks & minerals form. Visualizing extraterrestrial cats all day is part of our job and everything we sketch out are then put into graphic form. From start to finish is an experience that is always different and from raw gemstones to celestial digital art is unheard of until now. Our palette is entirely always Black/Pastels/electric blues, pinks and purples. We need to see everything glow.

We are gemstone cutting & textile working out of New York since 2005. Our deep love for the elegance of gemstones and the design and colors of textile patterns led us to merging these two elements together. We are the founders of Cat Machine Gems (2017).. We are the creators of Gem Cakes & gemstone sculptures with an on going galactic theme. Cat Machine is also known for our digital artwork. We put out several graphic designs reflecting our alien world frequently.

Creator & Creative director-Cat Morales

Co-creator & Head gem cutter-Alejandro Zamora



Academy of Art university San Francisco, Fashion/Textile Design.2004



2021-Superchief Gallery NFT, Every Woman Biennial New York/London. NYC, USA 2021-Deja42 Art gallery, Magickal beasts, Mystickal Byways, Philadelphia, USA 2018-AGTA ( American Gem trade association)Spectrum, NYC, USA

2017-AGTA (American Gem trade association)Spectrum, NYC, USA

2016- Belskie Museum of Art & Science, 280 High Street, Closter, NJ, USA



“Fluorite gem cake sculpture”. Smithsonian national gem collection. Donated, Washington D.C USA-2020

Cat Machine Gems