Tania Riera

Personal Profile

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Born in Barquisimeto (Venezuela) and Miami-based (USA), Tania Riera is an artist passionate about fine arts, an explorer of aesthetic knowledge both in theory and in practice, and a lover of living expressions of love, justice, and life.


From her early years, she received painting classes and other art disciplines in the city of Carora surrounded by Venezuelan colonial architecture. Already established in the USA, her artistic works focused on interior design that later complemented courses and advanced classes in different art techniques: oil, watercolor, drawing.


Tania Riera is also a Lawyer in her country of origin and she earned a Postgraduate Degree in Law and International Negotiations at Fordham University in New York State. Not only has extensive experience in the world of decoration but also its preparation has led to the editorial field and public relations, areas that have allowed her to fully discover the cities and countries where she has lived, including Miami and Madrid.


As an artist, her career is on the rise thanks to curators and international galleries who show her artworks at art fairs, galleries, and outstanding exhibitions in the USA and Europe.


  • AD ART Show, The Oculus at the Westfield World Trade Center (2021), New YorK - USA

  • Exhibition, MiArt Space (2020), Wynwood, FL – USA

  • Personal Structures (2019) Palazzo Bembo, Venice – Italy

  • De-Quilt Group Show curated by Dr. Bello (2019) Miami, FL – USA

  • (Bruselas)

  • (Mia Art Center)

  • Art Palm Beach International (2019) Palm Beach, FL - USA

  • Vortex Group Show curated by Dr. Bello (2019) Miami, FL – USA

  • Honorable Mention Painting - Art Contest Miami Basel Season – Curator’s Voice Art Projects (2018) Miami, FL - USA

  • Honorable Mention Drawing - Wynwood Juried Show Fall Edition (2018) Wynwood, FL - USA

  • Special Exhibition - Art Institute Fort Lauderdale, FL - USA


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