Ricardo García Zetina
Chief Operating Officer


As a graduate in Social Communication Sciences from Universidad Anáhuac, García began his information technology work in the professional field with positions such as Director of Sales and Marketing for Latin America in International companies with global impact including Compaq Computer, Lotus Development, IBM, Gupta Technologies, and Advanced Micro Devices (AMD).

As a result of his understanding of the different markets, his analytical skills, and his extensive knowledge of Marketing, Communication, and Administration, García managed to become part of a selected group of opinion leaders, and contributed to the expansion and growth of new technologies, helping to stimulate the rise of the industry across the region.

Today, García’s leadership and experience for over 20 years have allowed us to support and provide our corporate clients, global leaders in their respective fields, with engaging and successful strategies for winning solutions.


Ricardo now puts all his energy and attention into the Cryptocurrency market, Smart contracts, and NFTs. He has partnered with other companies to create a couple of NFT projects like the Nina Torres NFT Art Gallery.