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RACHELLE SCOTT /Port -Au-Prince (Haiti)

Painting is to me a moment out of time, an opportunity to reflect

on the fragility of things and of our humanity.


A moment in life to question myself in profound recognition of their interactions with the magnificence or the poverty that surround’s a time of wonder.


Expressing myself on a canvas is also to me, the time of recalling precious memories that had marked my path, sometimes changing or comforting my perception of the world, leaving in my heart deep footprints which make me who I am.


I see myself as a humble but lucky ephemeral traveller through this world of ours, from shadows to its lights, through its essences, its vibrations and its colors.




Rachelle Scott, born in Port-au-Prince (Haiti), is initiated at an early age to the world of colors at Solange Gentil and the great Master Tiga, founder of school of Saint Soleil.


Since the painting never left her. At 17, she moved to Boston for Art studies at the University of Massachusetts, and over the years, won several degrees, including one with honor in Human Resources and Business Administration.

She lived almost 20 years in the United States with Stéphanie her eldest daughter and enjoyed a brilliant career in management in large multinationals in charge of Latin America, this led her to visit many countries in the region.


Rachelle Scott participates in several international individual or group exhibitions:


In 1999, in Florida, she remarried Rafael, a Peruvian immigrant. In 2000, she gave birth to her second daughter, Saskia, and four years later moved to Peru with her family. She discovers this wonderful country, where finally she dedicates to her painting and commits as a volunteer in many organizations helping the needy. Despite her intensive traveling, Haiti, her homeland, remains the cradle of her Art.


Since, a painter is born, focusing on her palette, her quest, her research, which is expressed through her brush in the fresh variety of colors, shapes innocence. The intensity also can be read, in her look and the sparkles of her eyes, which receive and retransmit not a simple subject, but a particular way of seeing the world.


Rachelle Scott participates in several international individuals or group exhibitions. In 2012, she presents her work along with many artists united, from diverse expressive backgrounds in a wide unprecedented manifestation of Art, through fraternal speech: “The Traveling Souls ", in several galleries throughout Georgia, USA. In the same year, invited, she participated in Buenos Aires, Argentina to the great International Art Fair: “Expo Artistas”, where since the promoters of this cultural event renew their invitation to each new edition.


In few words, Rachelle is primarily lights and comforts for those seeking, but in contrast, what transpired in the works, is primarily a balance of soul passions subdued, gaiety, and a certain "mélancolie"; found deep within, a simple feast for the eyes, but above all, a vibrant dimension which is the subtle and an indissociable part of her works.


Rachelle SCOTT also has her works on permanent display at Eka & Moor, in Madrid in Spain, and in Colombia. In 2011, she is portrayed in “F comme Femme Diaspora”, a documentary created by Stephanie and Steve James of Shakti Productions, Best Award winners, featuring Caribbean women who succeed around the world.


For the 2016 International Women Day, she is featured at the Memorial ACTe, at Pointe-à-Pître, Guadeloupe in “Femmes in Creation”. It is also appropriate to mention that since 2015, some imprinted extracts of her works is been highlighted in the Fashion world by a renowned Peruvian designer, Rosario de Armenteras Vukanovich.


2021 “REZILIANS" group exhibition in partnership with "Haiti le Printemps de l’Art" at Festival Arts Haiti from January 13 to 25, 2021.


2020 Rachelle participates in the following exhibitions: "TRAVELING SOULS in Quarantine". A collective online exhibition that begins July 30, 2020, where artists from Cuba, Colombia, Central America, South America, Dominican Republic, and Haiti participate.


“EXPO-ARTISTAS VIRTUAL 2020" 16th edition from 15 December 2020 to 15 January 2021


2019 In December 2019, for Art Week, at the Miami River Art Fair, she exhibits in the edition called "Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow" which includes works of Modern Art, Contemporary Art and Art in Motion. -


In September, she participates in the "Bienal Internacional de Gravados y Arte Impresso en Pequeño Formato" BIGAIL 2019 - in Argentina.


Also in May 2019, she participates with 22 selected artists from Latin America and the Caribbean, in the "Traveling Souls" movement, in a group exhibition at the Abernathy Center in Sandy Spring, Georgia, USA.


May 2019: a Marine entitled "Serenidad" by the artist is sold in Central Park, New York, to "The Loeb Boathouse," as part of a fundraising gala by a youth organization "Rocking the Boat" to finance the rehabilitation program and civic actions of a youth boating school in the Bronx.


Then from May 25 to 30, the ECIA Pantheon - Sorbonne presents an exhibition: "Another Look at Latin America", to propose through the works of Rachelle Scott and two other Latin artists, a different view of the world around us, their perception and rendered from their origin,


In February, two of her works from the collection "Coeur de Femme" are at the Great Public Auction organized by the Colette Nimar Gallery of the Caribbean and South American Art at the Hotel L'Impératrice in Martinique. From April 11th to 14th, she participates in the PARIS ART FAIR, in France.


2018 In Martinique, at Colette Nimar's gallery, she exhibits two of her works from the collection "Coeur de Femme" and in December, at Festival Arts Gallery, in Haiti, she presents her latest creations "Regards et Couleurs".


2017 Presents in November 2017 in Expo-artistas in the Cultural Center of Borges, in Argentina, "Coeur de Femme" to celebrate in


her paintings the different facets and the noble qualities of the heart of a woman, with the beauty and diversity that inhabits it from the subtle vibrations of her moods. "Plasma with sensuality in the canvas that universe of the feminine, of tenderness, self-denial, compassion, with spontaneity and spirituality, already emblematic features of her work." Rachelle paints with irreverent freedom and independence, the colors that convey the purest beauty of the universe.


A production that exalts art, the senses, and celebrates life with all its splendor in each of the emotions that arise from her canvases, with magical beauty. "(Lic. Claudia Sanzi, Art Critic).


2016 She painted and offered to the church Our Lady of Lourdes, Soisson- la-Montagne, Haiti, the 15 stations of the Passion of Christ.


In November, she is again in Argentina, at Expo-Artistas, to present « Serenity:… in the Soul of Time", a retrospective trip through her artistic creations punctuated by more recent paintings.


“… Each work of Rachelle has the softness and sensitivity of a story, from mastering control of her brush to the emotion, radiating from the inner soul… Magical and simple, her paintings offer a trip to our own inner world, "full of moments of life worthy of being lived" (Lic. Claudia Sanzi, Curator)


2014 In June, at the Foundation Theard, Fermathe, Haiti, she exposes another of her collections, "Spaces of Memory" before presenting it from August to September successively at Fort-de- France, in Martinique, in the shops of the « Frères Lauzea » alongside “Mythologies and Realities” and in the Centre Rémy Nainsouta, at Pointe-à-Pitre, Guadeloupe.



2014 In November, at Expo-Artistas in Argentina, she unveils her collection "Divine Origins of the Soul", and at the Villa Therese, Haiti, which becomes part of "Mythologies and Realities", exposed in December.


2013 She is back to Haiti, in a solo exhibition at Festival Arts of Marie Alice Theard (IWA/AICA) Doctor Honoris Causa, who then wrote of her: "Rachelle SCOTT is worthy to be cited among the visual artists who enrich the Haitian cultural heritage".


Then, she presents « Huellas en el Mar », a collection of some of her Marines to the Jorge Borges Center, in Argentina who impressed the Critic Julio Sapollnik, Master of Culture Argentina, Trustee and Member of the International Council of the Museum of Modern Art in New York, who wrote that Rachelle Scott’s painting is: ".. .a Impressionism open to a contemplation of the unclassifiable...", "as an artist, what makes her unique: it's her outstretched hand that invites the viewer to enter her painting world and to stay there... “

2012 She presents her works with numerous artists together from various backgrounds worldwide in a large new manifestation of Art, through a fraternal speech: "Traveling Souls, in the State of Georgia, USA.


In the same year, invited, she participates in Buenos Aires, Argentina, in the great international Art fair: “Expo-Artistas" where since this cultural event proponents keep on unavoidably call on her at each new edition.


2009 She exhibited at the Museum of the Nation in Lima, Peru, then in Haiti, introduced her expo in tribute to the Haitian Artists


and Artisans at the Gallery « Festival Arts », and this, for several consecutive years.


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