Jorge Anguiano

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He was born in Mexico City in February 1967
Since he was little he has developed his artistic part in various disciplines, as a writer he is the author of the book "Constant Passion" and as a musician he has recorded two albums with his group "Gente Simple", the taste for painting was born from a very young age.  In 2003 he opened a plastic arts workshop in Guadalajara where he focused on developing the talent of young people.

In 2006 he opened the second art workshop also in Guadalajara.
In 2009 he opened an arts center in Playa del Carmen Quintana Roo, Mexico, since then he organizes the Tepeyac-Xcaret art meeting every year.

Jorge Anguiano was a student of Checa Barragán, an outstanding teacher in Mexico.
In his life as a painter, Jorge has gone through various styles, all characterized by the taste of free strokes within a balanced whole, he considers that when art that favors feeling over technique touches more hearts.

His main exhibitions have been at the Talent in Guadalajara
His work has participated in several auctions selling above the appraised value.
Currently Jorge Anguiano directs 11 art centers in the Mexican Republic where the Plastic Arts workshop (painting and sculpture) is taught to more than 2000 young people.


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