Andres Maurette

Personal Profile


Autodidactic artist, born on Mayo 25th, 1974, in Habana, Cuba.

He has drunk from the best fountains of Cuban art and minimalist art to transport the spectator to the infinite imagination.
His art makes us see the essence of the colors and the reliefs that come from the sidereal space and merge into our environment.
He explores new techniques that are nuanced in a variety of materials that build reliefs, attract unknowns, and captivate viewers.
It is before us the spiritual expression of an artist who tries to spread the wins of his talent in search of his satisfaction.
Today, when art lies captive of names and the market, Maurette catches us with the true essence of art: his talent.

2017 Miami River Art Fair - award of excellence, The Best New Artist



Miami - December 2-4, 2019
Contest Of Sculptures, Havana, Cuba - Nov 13, 2019
Monaco - September 27-30, 2019
Singapore - September 6-9, 2019
Greece - July 24-28, 2019
Venice - May 11 -nov 24, 2019
Paris - April 11-14, 2019
Dubai - April 3-6, 2019
Miami - Diciember 2018
Sunmall Museum Of Art, Mexico Sept-dic 2018
Hong Kong - Sept-oct 2018
Monaco - Septiember 2018
Singapore - Septiember 2018
Italy - Junio 2018
New York - Junio 2018
Dubai - Abril 2018
Artworks Sold In: Dubai, Paris, Panama, Mexico, Usa, Spain, Dominican Rep, Italy


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